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At #GWLD, the brightest minds, trailblazers and policymakers engage as we constantly unfold the future of law.

The Great World Law Debate #WorldLawDebate is an ongoing event series occurring every month - bringing together professionals, practitioners and companies from 100+ countries around the world.

Immerse yourself in the ever new possibilities. Learn about inspirational approaches, latest tools and trends. See informative snapshots from innovators and initiators around most compelling discoveries in law.The convergence of innovators will examine the modern world global ecosystems’ role in shaping the future of Law – from the development of the global institutional ecosystem, discovering the new breed of lawyers, to procedural innovations and the creative use of rules in civil and common law jurisdictions.


The most innovative minds converge at #GWLD

The most innovative minds converge at #GWLD, The laboratory and foundry of innovations in LAW, to engage, inspire, excite, and motivate.

Whether you’re a company of five or a Fortune 500, you’re going to see success by coming to #GWLD, featuring content that challenges you to think about yourself in a new way. 

With jam packed sessions and live solutions, #GWLD has tailored content specific to your industry, role, and company size. #GWLD delivers an unparalleled experience that produces actionable connections, ideas and relationships. An event that helps professionals to drive real growth. 

Find solutions to your specific issues.

Learn how to tackle your own issues through strategic interventions and innovative mechanisms. You’ll leave with specific skills and strategies you can put to work immediately.

Network with a purpose.

Learn from how legal solutions are woven into broader systems, rules and procedures of an ecosystem. Discuss cooperation opportunities. Guided networking activities add value and make it not to ever miss opportunity by leaders. 

Spend face-to-face time with top practitioners across categories.

Top practitioners and industry experts will reveal how they use new thinking to solve their most pressing challenges. General Counsel and other in-house and out house thought leaders will share inspirational approaches that drive success. 

Learn from the greats.

See and hear how the global ecosystem and its integrated solutions are changing the game of law. 

Be among the first movers.

Be the first to find compatible partners and move in the category. Lead the latest trends and developments in law. 

Make the most of every opportunity.

#GWLD will give you the inspiration, tools, and know-how to find and maximize every opportunity so you can increase your impact.




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Get noticed. Get heard. Get your Positioning. Make your point to the world; make an impact at the #GWLD.

Connect with your true audience in an engaging format.

Speak at the event and amplify your message around the world through our social media channels. 

If you are an industry expert with years of experience or are on the verge of the next leap in industry innovation we want to hear from you! #GWLD features industry leaders and those who are inventing and redefining in this fast changing world. Our objective is to combine topics on the most pressing issues with the thought leaders who are moving those issues forward. 

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#GWLD Papers and Presentations are an effective way to pitch  new ideas, introduce your work, and hone your research questions. Presenting at #GWLD is a great opportunity for gaining valuable feedback and for increasing your professional stature in your field. 

Speaking at #GWLD offers numerous benefits including an unparalleled platform to gain exposure for your practice or institution; increased credibility for your business, project or team; and the opportunity to convey your goals and vision. 


Papers are invited year round, however it should be submitted and approved at least 20 days before your session date during the event series. 


PLEASE NOTE: As a non-profit, our speaking roles are unpaid or at times weaved with sponsorship or a registration fee. If you require an honorarium, fee, or reimbursement of expenses (travel, etc.) to speak, please do not submit a proposal. Proposals are accepted year-round.

Great lineup of 190+ Extraordinary Speakers

Thais Amaral Tellawi

Alexander Werner

Barbara Sunderland Manousso

Alexander Blumrosen

Zlatko Zvizdic

Malcolm Mifsud

Marco Pistis

Francis Elechi

Arpinder Singh

David T Kinnear

Belinda Wong

Andrew J.Schatkin


Jacy Whittaker

Juan Daniel Rodriguez Cardoso

Bradley E Essman

Hans Klaver

Mikael Wahlgren

Carlos P. Garcia

Gvido Senkans

Adrian OOI

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

William Sanchez

Hasnain Kazmi

Amber Gupta

Mehwish Muhib kakakhel

Niyati Ahuja

Chike Ekwueme




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Attend / Participate:

Participation Fee for WLA Members: FREE

Participation Fee (For two days sessions in a year): USD 99

Participation Fee for all sessions in 2021 (Min 9 sessions): USD 250

Fee for WLA Members: FREE

Fee for Speakers, Presenters, Authors, Panelists for 3 sessions in 2021 USD 500

Fee for Speakers, Presenters, Authors, Panelists for a single day session USD 200


Partner or Sponsor Pack:

Fee for a partner or sponsor pack starts at USD 1500 and will be customized as per the needs of partners. 

For customized package, please speak to one of our team members at +91 8505999819 or email events@worldlawalliance.com


12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Civil Justice Systems and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The role and function of all forms of ADR methods including mediation; conciliation; negotiation; arbitration etc. The use of online procedures and systems within the civil justice system to increase access to justice and increase efficiency including the use of online ADR;

Feb-March 2021

8:30 am – 9:00 am

Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Covering all areas of criminal law and criminal justice, whether national, comparative or international, and whether on theory, policy or practice. Substantive, methodological or theoretical approaches

March-April 2021

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Intellectual Property Law

Trade Mark Law. Patent Law. Copyright Law. Designs Law. Geographical indication. Intellectual property and the Internet. Intellectual property and competition law. Innovation and Intellectual property. Intellectual property and Globalization.

April-May 2021

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The Great World Law Debate Annual Meet & Forum

May-June 2021

Law Firm Management, Marketing & Development

June-July 2021

Legal Technology

July-August 2021

In House & General Counsel

August-September 2021

International Economic Law

September-October 2021

New Office, CA