Our Story

Reshaping the business of Law.™

World Law Alliance is an Integrated global law practice and service delivery platform, serving excellence through the collaborative innovation of our members around the world.


World Law Alliance mission is to put clients first, to solve client challenges, providing solutions to help clients thrive in a changing world.


World Law Alliance is the modern world integrated legal practice of innovative, forward-thinking versatile regional firms and lawyers with a strong history of success.


With an integrated global delivery capability, we help clients overcome the complexity and challenges caused by competition, disputes, regulation, globalization and market disruption – anywhere, anytime


Together we offer cross border, multi jurisdictional legal expertise to serve global brands, startups and successful people around the world.

Experience the Power of Integrated Collaborative Practice.

Serving the needs of businesses, from start-ups to fortune 500 and private clients.

WLA member firms from 70+ jurisdictions are always ready with support and resources to help businesses navigate the complex regulatory landscape around the world.

Wherever you are in the world, the WLA service team along with specialized member firms put themselves at the heart of your business to understand your needs and create tailored solutions. Member firms across the world can provide expert, custom-made solutions focused on maximizing profitability, value and growth.

Board of Directors

Suman Arora

New Delhi

Martin Preslmayr


Kulpreet Yadav

New Delhi

Our Power in Numbers

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WLA offers knowledge, experience, skills and resources businesses need to thrive on a global scale and help them navigate the toughest legal, social, cultural and political challenges around the world.

An integrated international law practice, offering talent from every legal culture, ‘World Law Alliance’ is an unrivaled resource to impart competitive edge to businesses around the world.

300+ highest caliber specialized law firms, attorneys, consultants and professionals, seamlessly connected in over 80+ jurisdictions around the world – working in tandem and providing highest benchmark standards of legal advice, services, solutions and support to help you navigate the rapidly evolving laws and solve your toughest legal issues anywhere in the world.