About us

Reshaping the business of Law.™

Committed to innovation and collaboration. WLA mission is to put clients first, to solve client challenges, providing solutions to help clients thrive in a changing world.

WLA is the modern world integrated legal practice of innovative, forward-thinking versatile regional firms and lawyers with a strong history of success.


Together we offer cross border, multi jurisdictional legal expertise to serve global brands, startups and successful people around the world.


With an integrated global delivery capability, we help clients overcome the complexity and challenges caused by competition, disputes, regulation, globalization and market disruption – anywhere, anytime.

Traditional Law Firm Model fails to become an integrated component in solving clients’ business challenges. Our firms understand their clients’ business better than most do today and, when retained, take a more holistic approach to problem solving than ‘handling a matter.’


With our structure, process and technology we deliver holistic legal solutions, not simply the practice of law. Melding legal, IT, and process expertise and becoming enmeshed in our clients’ (customers’) business.

The WLA combined experience of lawyers across 80+ countries help clients overcome the complexity and challenges caused by competition, disputes, regulation, globalization and market disruption.


Our outstanding sector specialists, approach to innovation, and advanced working practices translate into an entirely new way of working, providing access to traditional legal and modern day legal services in one integrated, inclusive package to address the needs of modern day global companies.

WLA Speciality Groups bring commercial intelligence and strategic guidance, underpinned by expert and international understanding of global issues, legal areas and sector insights.


Clients want lawyers who are prepared to lead, differentiate and adapt in a constantly changing world. They want advisers who are curious about the world, and embrace collaboration.

From offices of firms around the world, we protect and promote clients’ interests, locally and globally. Our firms are the trusted legal advisors to businesses and successful people with complex legal needs in good and bad times.


We adopt new thinking and use cutting-edge legal technologies to help clients overcome the challenges of competing in today’s new world.


Our Connected services are a range of complementary services and technologies designed to meet the full range of today’s business challenges. Clients have access to a range of services from risk management to advocacy, claims management to forensics and financial regulatory advice.

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As we constantly appoint new members from every region, World Law Alliance network will deliver in more than 100+ countries directly through its network. 

International Desks

Our international desk for select countries in our member regions will help and serve the business community of that country to reach and do business with certainty around the world. To know more, please contact us at +91 8505999819.

Our Firms

WLA will be on-boarding 200 member firms, while its highly credible Dispute Practice “International Commercial Disputes Tribunal” already has over 800 independent neutrals and experts in 70+ countries. Find out more at ficmecosystem.com