World Law Alliance

WLA in-house

Integrating and making in-house legal departments robust and self-reliant.

GC’s are under enormous pressure, not just to resolve legal issues but to deliver business solutions, play a more strategic role in the leadership team, modernize their legal departments, implement latest technologies, redefine processes, manage crises, risk, compliance and disputes across all functions and departments and handle multiple legal service providers with limited resources.

WLA In-House provides a comprehensive strategy to help law departments take advantage of the WLA Global ecosystem, modern processes, technology and counsel that help them work more closely with their senior management and Board of Directors.

We know how to present on risk issues to Boards and understand the challenges of rolling out global compliance programs and the difficulties that can come when you are asked to ‘clear’ actions – whether it is a matter involving reputation, product liability, regulatory changes or the ever-evolving challenges around cyber-security, we can guide you.
Crises may manifest in a variety of ways and from a variety of sources—but they always require swift and decisive action on the part of the General Counsel. In the wake of a crisis – when even the Board may have its own counsel – count on us to help steer you through the storm.
WLA provides experienced interim and permanent in-house support for organizations without internal legal capacity and for those needing to address gaps or shortfalls in resources, whenever or wherever needed.

When you join WLA as an member, you access a wide international network of experienced law firms and other professional firms that offer quality legal advice and business-critical services and help ease the language and cultural challenges that often accompany cross-border growth.

WLA membership gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with overseas professionals, to engage in-person at our worldwide events, and to rely on an affordable solution to your company’s needs for international legal strategy.