World Law Alliance

12 – 15  January

Leaders and Senior Executives

Meet top talent in a unique 2-day experience in Los Angeles. Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future and make valuable connections.

A senior position carries not only rewards and recognition but also numerous internal and external responsibilities.

As all forms of business become more heavily regulated, many enforcement bodies are looking at ways to pin responsibility for incidents directly on senior individuals within organizations. It is therefore more likely that you could find yourself in the spotlight regarding your own actions, as well as the actions of your organization, both at home and abroad.


We are there to advise you on all aspects of your business and personal life. This can include drafting and advising on employment contracts and advising directors and senior managers on corporate governance, regulatory and severance issues. We also advise executives on their rights and responsibilities as owners of partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. We can help to financially protect your position if things don’t work out or you’re looking at a new appointment at home or abroad.


When problems arise we are on hand to defend your hard-earned reputation and, where necessary, use the law to redress unfair treatment from employers and/or regulators. We are also skilled at preparing senior individuals for the rigorous process of giving testimony at parliamentary or senate hearings, which can be disastrous for your good name if not handled properly.