World Law Alliance

Preventing International Business Disputes, Worldwide.

WLA offers ‘DISPUVENT’, a single window solution in association with “International Commercial Disputes Tribunal – ICDT”, to mitigate risk of disputes in cross border transactions and dramatically reduce the possibilities of disputes.

DISPUVENT is an end-to-end solution that protects your business from unprecedented situations leading up to protracted disputes and if any such situation of a conflict occurs and needs a resolution, our unique association with ICDT offers a combination of innovative dispute management systems and highly credible Dispute Neutrals to quickly and cost effectively resolve disputes.

Our association with International Commercial Disputes Tribunal ICDT provides total and absolute “Cost Certainty” to our clients with a fixed fee service for the administration of resolution process under ICDT Rules and a highly reduced fees of the Arbitrators and Mediators.

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“How DISPUVENT works”

DISPUVENT is a 3 stage service that starts from the contract negotiation and drafting stage and remains throughout the contract or transaction lifetime.

DISPUVENT delivers success to clients with a seamless integrated approach of ‘WLA International Contract Group’ and ‘WLA Dispute Management Group’, in association with ‘ICDT International Commercial Disputes Tribunal’.

The agreement should create a mechanism preventing minor conflicts from escalating to contentious proceedings that will likely damage the relationships among the stakeholders. This requires putting into place systems, institutions and procedures.

  • Establishing effective cooperation and information-sharing mechanisms between parties, as well as focal points and other tools to foster dispute prevention.
  • Require conciliation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution mechanism as a mandatory precondition to the more formal settlement of disputes, such as arbitration and adjudication.
  • Agreeing on using the FICM-ICDT dispute ecosystem, its modern and innovative rules and procedures for quick and effective resolution of disputes.


Contract Negotiations and Drafting

How you structure, negotiate, shape, define and draft a contract determines the success of your business relationship. Contracts are the bedrock of any transaction and WLA DISPUVENT helps you prevent disputes with a modern holistic approach to contracts, ensuring certainty and success.

  • Recognizing and agreeing at the very beginning of a relationship on prevention, quick processing, de-escalating, and final resolution of any future problems or disputes that may arise
  • Recognizing the disadvantages of adversarial confrontation
  • Incorporating stepped dispute prevention and resolution clauses into business agreements
  • Registering the contract with FICM-ICDT (Under FICM Rules) for cost and process certainty if any dispute occurs.


Contract Monitoring

Constant monitoring and timely interventions, as-and-when required are key to keeping the misunderstandings and unnecessary escalation of conflicts. And even if that happens, WLA DISPUVENT prevents any such adversarial legal action.

  • Monitoring the contract for smooth and Dispute free execution
  • Expert Negotiators helping with unprecedented situations of disagreements and solving problems
  • De escalating conflicts during the contract execution


Guiding Successful Resolution, Quickly & Cost Effectively

With DISPUVENT, the possibility of a dispute is rare. Almost a fraction of what you may witness without the DISPUVENT. However, if a dispute escalates, DISPUVENT helps parties limit the damage caused by the dispute manifold by FICM-ICDT administered dispute resolution process.

  • Strategy and direction
  • Experienced and professional Representation of client in the International Commercial Disputes Tribunal ICDT Arbitration and Mediation
  • Appointment of most suited dispute neutrals for conducting mediation, arbitration and other ADR mechanisms
  • Administration of the process managed by FICM under ICDT rules and procedures