World Law Alliance

We are Redefining the Practice of Law

Adapting to the rapidly changing times.

The business world is evolving rapidly. Through advances in technology, communications and infrastructure, business barriers are disappearing and each day we become ever more global.

In this fast-paced environment, you need an advisor that thinks ahead and rapidly responds to your changing needs. At WLA, we build strong relationships based on deep understanding of what matters most to our clients.

Disrupting established pathways in the practice of law.

Reducing costs, breaking away from old patterns of fee arrangements, and increasing efficiency through unique structuring and mindful use of talent and technology. WLA is leading the ‘NewLaw’ & ‘SmartLaw’ culture.

Highly focused top regional firms structured as a single, fully integrated international team.

The legal market has historically lacked transparency, making it difficult for clients to deviate from using incumbent, brand-name law firms.

Things are changing now. With the WLA business model, the GC’s can now be well informed and savvier about where to send different types of work and help serve their corporations better.

We are top regional firms structured as a single, fully integrated international team. Our clients can rely on clear, connected legal advice, anywhere any time.

Making it better for clients and better for highly skilled and credentialed lawyers.

For clients, that means tailored expertise at highly competitive rates.

We offer them tailored teams of experienced professionals – typically twice as experienced as comparable teams from traditional firms.

For lawyers, it’s the freedom to focus purely on client issues. Simple in principle, radical in practice.

Working across strategy, operations, transformation and organisation, they ensure the project is owned by the client, and so are its outcomes. All at highly competitive rates.