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Structured for innovation.
We are an Integrated international law practice.

The legal market has historically lacked transparency, making it difficult for clients to deviate from using incumbent, brand-name law firms.

Things are changing now. With the WLA business model, the GC’s can now be well informed and savvier about where to send different types of work and help serve their corporations better.

We are top regional firms structured as a single, fully integrated international team. Our clients can rely on clear, connected legal advice, anywhere any time.

Let’s Transform. Together.

Customer-centricity is the essence of legal services delivery in today’s digital age.

The traditional law firm business model is not in sync with legal buyers today. It is too slow, inefficient, costly, undifferentiated, lawyer/law-centric, and lacks the diverse expertise required to render holistic solutions to complex, multi-faceted business challenges.

WLA law practice and cooperative model delivers impactful customer solutions consistently, scalably, efficiently, cost-effectively, collaboratively, transparently, and measurably.

From ‘BigLaw’ to ‘SmartLaw’ & ‘NewLaw’.

Through collaboration, connectivity and innovation and by combining the practice experience, industry knowledge and market connections of geographically disparate and locally strong members, WLA helps you navigate rapidly evolving and diverse laws and solve your toughest legal issues anywhere in the world.

A truly global law firm network offering talent from every legal culture, WLA is an unrivaled resource to impart competitive edge to businesses around the world.

“Disrupting established pathways in the practice of law.


Reducing costs, breaking away from old patterns of fee arrangements, and increasing efficiency through unique structuring and mindful use of talent and technology. WLA is leading the ‘NewLaw’ & ‘SmartLaw’ culture.

With our unprecedented and far-reaching depth and breadth, across geographies, practices and sectors, legal systems and cultures, no one is better positioned to answer each client’s need with the right talent and resources.

‘WLA model frees everyone – lawyers and clients – to focus on what really matters: delivering lasting impact.


What makes us unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by highly results driven independent firms and professionals.

Helping businesses achieve their international commercial objectives by providing relevant and reliable legal solutions and support.

Offering clients a truly 21st century legal experience. Challenging the status quo, revolutionizing the way legal work gets done.

Helping fast-growing companies build their own custom legal teams with the largest network of independent lawyers in the world.

Appointing a powerful legal team for single or multiple cross-border transactions.

Streamlining the attorney / client workflow with technology that includes online documents and digital signatures.


Our legal and business experts around the world are helping thousands of organizations deal with the challenges presented by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and are ready to help you find solutions to yours.


WLA Institutes

For solving clients’ core challenges around cost, time, resource, risk and reputation, WLA Specialty practices form an umbrella over WLA’s core legal services.

WLA Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (WLA GRC) Group

With aim to assure an organization reliably achieves objectives, addresses uncertainty and acts with integrity, WLA member firms can assist directors and management to identify laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment and help ensure compliance and sound corporate governance.

Connect with one of our GRC Group members and ensure that corporate governance standards are adhered to and robust compliance management systems are in place.

WLA WLA Advocacy & Public Affairs

As the worlds of public affairs and law become much more closely integrated, WLA PA Group supports clients with knowledgeable professionals who understand the regulatory, business and economic cultures of their respective regions.

Lobbying and Advocacy
Public Relations
Crisis Communications
Media Content Creation and Placement
Expert Witness Liaison and Preparation
Media Monitoring
Digital Marketing
Social Media Engagement

WLA Risk

Curated list of best consultants to manage and minimize risk anywhere in the world, providing innovative, cost-effective, and value-added solutions for uncertainties that must be managed carefully, proactively, and with proper guidance, especially as they relate to compliance and regulations.

Utilize our experts network in over 80+ countries for:

Internal Audit
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Enterprise Risk Management
Independent Project Review services
Technology, Risk and Security

WLA in-house GC Group

Disrupting the way legal teams and lawyers work. WLA enables corporations to access talented lawyers though a curated platform and build more dynamic teams to drive better business outcomes.

WLA In-House brings together former GCs and legal counsel across the globe, along with legal technology and other professionals, to form a global strategic consultancy providing integrated, multi-disciplinary advisory service, market insights, and experienced perspectives to in-house counsel.

WLA ADR – Dispute Prevention Group

With accessibility to 1000+ finest dispute professionals around the world in 70+ countries as our members, and with our innovative services, leadership, education, professional standards, training and development of new programs, we help corporations with our collective resources of conflict management, dispute resolution and civil justice systems for prevention, de escalation and quick resolution of disputes.

WLA Expert Determination Group

WLA ED Group can assist by proposing suitable experts to act as the expert determiners from our panel. We will also handle all aspects of the expert determination arrangements. These include arranging document exchange, administering funds, resolving procedural difficulties and providing support and guidance to the parties and the Expert Determiner as required.

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    When it comes to International cross border legal compliance and transaction risk management, you need someone who really gets you. You need an ally. A confidant. A friend to and a thorough Professional to help you decide and work with certainty and confidence anywhere in the world. WLA offers the very best resource, as we go beyond the traditional legal role to mentor you through thick and thin.


    Each member of WLA has a proven record of immediate response to the needs of clients of other member firms. Each member is committed to ensuring that all clients will be more than satisfied with the service.


    The WLA proprietary systems and tech platform connects you directly with the best resources around the world. A cohesive network of professional legal experts in over 80 countries, WLA gives you access to top-quality advice and exceptional service wherever in the world you happen to do business.


    Capitalize on legal market innovations that deliver better overall value than large, high priced international law firms. consistent quality legal services across regions; streamlined, single point communication and coordination; and commercial convenience in pricing, invoicing and payment flow.


    WLA provides immediate access to the expertise of legal professionals in major business centers worldwide via a single phone call to our home office or any of our member firms.


    With WLA, clients experience seamless service across regions, practices, and sectors, while receiving superior, highly localized substantive legal counsel impacted by the knowledge of a region’s culture and customs critical in legal matters.