Welcome to the WLA Referral Engine.

Clients need highly experienced lawyers with extensive knowledge of their business and want counsel with a deep understanding of local cultures and customs anywhere in the world. We all know that no single law firm can be everywhere. That’s why World Law Alliance operates with highly credible members spanning 80+ countries in almost every specialization of law under the sun.

World Law Alliance helps lawyers and law firms generate new client work by building stronger relationships with their current clients and a Referral Engine to generate new global clients.

Join today and see how digital business development and stronger relationships can help you or your law firm generate more clients.

Law Firms use WLA Referral Engine to build stronger relationships that lead to more client work.

The WLA Referral Engine offers a system that easily finds out the best firm and a lawyer for a particular need to connect with top talent around the world. At the WLA Referral Engine, our only motivation is to better serve clients and our only criterion for membership is proven quality.

A Referral Engine that powers international practice of Law.

WLA Referral Service for Clients.

Find legal help with International Lawyer Referral Service.

We schedule an initial 30-minute phone consultation with the appropriate attorney for most legal problems. Services beyond the 30-minutes consultation is between you and the attorney at regular attorney rates.


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Referrals between Lawyers and Law Firms.

Join the Lawyer Referral Engine for your global / international / cross-border outsourcing needs.

Does your client have a legal problem outside your area of expertise or jurisdiction around the world? No problem. Simply refer them to the WLA’s Lawyer Referral Engine.

You collect a $30 fee for the WLA from each reference that has a consultation and pay 15% of fees collected on retained referred matters.