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WLA Global Risk & Compliance Group

We work with you and your board of directors to avoid problems and resolve those that arise. We combine deep regulatory and industry knowledge with extensive experience in government relations, litigation, internal investigations, and securities law compliance to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to problem solving. We provide innovative, cost-effective, and value-added solutions for uncertainties that must be managed carefully, proactively, and with proper guidance.

Identify your legal risk with WLA Risk Assistance

As business increases in complexity, pace and connectivity, managing risk has become the cornerstone of informed decision-making. However, before you can take steps to manage risks, you need to first identify and assess the risks, including how those risks may interact with other potential risks. Try our Legal Risk Radar, which gives you an indication of some of the potential risks to which your company is exposed

If you are uncertain as to the relevance of having a legal risk management review of your business, we will be happy to talk to you about what kind of risk profile your company has and what we would propose to do in order to identify the risks that your company is facing.

We can assist in the structuring of a legal risk management process, conduct the review of specific documents and procedures, assist with the setting up of a legal risk management reporting system and a document management system and a stream lining of various contractual terms across the contract portfolio in order ensure corporate compliance with the risk strategy.

Our areas of work include:

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption
  • Crisis management
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Employment and labor, including employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Insurance, including director and officer indemnifications
    Internal investigations
  • M&A
  • Professional negligence
  • Regulation and investigations
  • Reputation and defamation protection
  • Risk advisory
  • Securities, regulation and enforcement
  • Shareholder engagement

Top risks that concern legal teams

The WLA Risk Management Process