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Neutral Evaluation

Evaluate disputes, choose your battles and manage your budget.

Designed and optimized specifically to help you conduct an early evaluation, WLA places at your fingertips a proprietary combination of legal experience, forensic capability and the technology. After 7 to 14 days, you receive a succinct report, prepared by a WLA Evaluate member, that provides a clear summary of the merits of your position and decisive recommendation on how to proceed. All for a highly competitive and completely transparent, fixed fee Our dispute prevention practice helps you and your business to quickly and more confidently answer two fundamental questions that arise when disputes loom: how bad is it? And should we fight or settle?

The World bank has recommended in its report that Neutral Evaluation should be encouraged for resolution of disputes, which is a process in which each party is provided with the opportunity to present a summary of the case to a neutral person, an “evaluator,” who is most often an attorney or expert in the subject matter. The evaluator then presents the parties with a non-binding assessment of the merits of the case, including the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s evidence and arguments and how the dispute could be resolved between themselves.

A unique service for the modern day General Counsel.

Decisive Early Dispute Evaluation