World Law Alliance

World Law Alliance offers a wide range of solutions to meet the legal needs of clients.

With WLA, you have a broader slate of solutions, whether it is for handling more work in-house, hiring temporary lawyers during a crunch, turning to expert providers for managing the massive pile of contracts or finding and Appointing a choicest counsel to deal with your bet-the-company high stake transactions or litigation.

WLA in-house GC Group

Disrupting the way legal teams and lawyers work. WLA enables corporations to access talented lawyers though a curated platform and build more dynamic teams to drive better business outcomes. WLA In-House brings together former GCs and legal counsel across the globe, along with legal technology and other professionals, to form a global strategic consultancy providing integrated, multi-disciplinary advisory service, market insights, and experienced perspectives to in-house counsel. VISIT WLA GC GROUP

WLA ADR – Dispute Prevention Group

With accessibility to 1000+ finest dispute professionals around the world in 70+ countries as our members, and with our innovative services, leadership, education, professional standards, training and development of new programs, we help corporations with our collective resources of conflict management, dispute resolution and civil justice systems for prevention, de escalation and quick resolution of disputes. GO TO DISPUVENT

WLA Expert Determination Group

WLA ED Group can assist by proposing suitable experts to act as the expert determiners from our panel. We will also handle all aspects of the expert determination arrangements. These include arranging document exchange, administering funds, resolving procedural difficulties and providing support and guidance to the parties and the Expert Determiner as required. VISIT WLA ED GROUP

WLA Risk

Curated list of best consultants to manage and minimize risk anywhere in the world, providing innovative, cost-effective, and value-added solutions for uncertainties that must be managed carefully, proactively, and with proper guidance, especially as they relate to compliance and regulations. Utilize our experts network in over 80+ countries for: Internal Audit Governance, Risk and Compliance Enterprise Risk Management Independent Project Review services Technology, Risk and Security WLA RISK

WLA Contracts solution

We have developed a standardized, scalable solution to generating contracts which lays the foundation for effective contract management. It utilizes best practice templates and playbooks developed by our network of leading commercial contracts teams, who also support those more complex or high value contracts that require expert attention. WLA can facilitate contract review, negotiation and execution in a way that helps you achieve your business’s broader goals and strategies around procurement, sales, and data privacy agreements, or post-signature contract management issues. MORE