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Join the Global Network of High Performance Independent Firms & Professionals.

Instantly expand your geographic reach without the challenges and expense associated with launching own overseas offices Market your niche to a wider audience across the globe at a fraction of your invested resources Get on the radar of new corporate clients around the world Improved awareness in the local marketplace, as well as internationally, whether you are branded or unbranded.

WLA members are a close-knit group of firms that are highly respected in their local markets, well- versed in current business trends, internationally connected, extremely ethical, and work with a shared vision and set of values.

Everything we do at WLA is designed to give our member firms the resources, opportunities and culture of friendship they need to connect, engage, grow, and extend their legal and advisory reach to clients everywhere in the world.

Access to technical manuals, global software and training that are international standard compliant. Develop practice and skills through a variety of initiatives, shared matters, projects, WLA conferences, informal face-to-face interactions, collaborative business development projects and meet-ups Deliver consistent, high quality service to clients, wherever they are headquartered or have a presence in the world Create a joint venture team or collaborate in the representation of large, complex international transactions.

Business development support and international networking opportunities. Make a joint pitch with WLA for large or high value clients Develop your pro bono activities and more in the chosen sector, location or practice areas Grow and diversify your client base through inbound work referrals from other WLA member firms, both regional and international. Send a referral to the most competent law firm and get referrals from other law firms Build your network and stimulate business development opportunities by participating in global, regional and national web-live and live events.

Online Landing Page of the Law Firm with all necessary Information Profile of all the law firm partners on WLA platform Videos in various sections of WLA platform Constantly updated and maintained a public profile on WLA Platform to enhance your recognition and improve your search visibility online.

Assured marketing and outreach footprint via WLA campaigns Assured guaranteed minimum business inquiries or leads from WLA central marketing team or home office Assured referrals in lieu of referrals – Inbound and outbound referral of engagements from other member firms worldwide.

Get Recognition that the firm is part of an integrated global brand trusted for its quality Enhance your firms’ reputation for delivering the highest international standards of ethics, client service and professionalism Use of WLA brand in the following ways A WLA firm Member WLA.

Member firms gain a global footprint and become likely to receive more referrals, along with the ability to connect clients to the right talent to meet a client’s specific need in most any geography required.

WLA members benefit by gaining access to potential new clients, increased opportunities through joint marketing initiatives and access to top quality training and know-how. This allows member firms, regardless of size or location, to be connected to client opportunities around the world and to collaborate with other firms to find the right match with the right expertise in the right place for clients.

WLA members collaboratively develop, own and control specialized assets with a collective purpose in different practice and industry sectors. WLA Membership allows progressive firms to remain independent, build reputation and pursue multi-market growth opportunities.

Members will be allowed to use WLA identity and can use any of the tag lines mentioned below-

  1. ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’
  2. A WLA Firm
  3. Member, World Law Alliance

The logo can essentially be used at the bottom footer of a website and email signatures.

The WLA logos will be shared with descriptions on how to use it in various settings. With links to WLA assets for clients Knowledge

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Our members are highest quality advisers. This doesn’t necessarily mean the largest or top-ranked firm by generic ranking websites, but some of those even lesser-known crucially important firms having necessary skills and resources to assist clients with their unique requirements.

Our success comes from bringing together ‘like-minded’ individuals and firms who share the WLA vision and value honesty, integrity, innovation and mutual trust. What we look for in a member Firms that provide highly specialized and focused practice related to a jurisdiction, industry or practice area. Or firms with resource capacity. English-speaking capabilities at the partner level Willingness to share knowledge and participate in WLA activities Size is not critical, but a minimum of two partners suggests that a firm has the resources and capabilities we look for.

All members pay a primary annual membership fee towards covering the costs of primary expenses of members concierge and services.

The fee is determined on the size (Number of Partners, Branches & Practice Areas) and location of a member firm.

At the moment, the annual fee is waived off, however new members will pay a joining fee as per the details below:

The Boutique Firm:
Minimum USD 375 Joining Fee + USD 195 for each practice in one Jurisdiction (State)

The Big One (Full Service Firm): 
Minimum USD 1950  Joining Fee plus USD 195 for each Branch Office ( State)

The Independents:
USD 375

The Dispute Neutral:
USD 225

Our main goal is to promote WLA brand extensively along with all its members. Each member promoted will itself promote the WLA brand. WLA will never indulge in any work directly and all the inquiries generated on WLA platform will either be going directly to members through their one main contact or will be routed through the WLA central team to the respective firm most suited to handle the case inquiry. The members will be promoted through continuous events and conferences targeting various industry sectors, practice groups and regions (jurisdictions). Each such practice, industry or region will also have its own groups and team leaders ( Chairs, presidents) to effectively compete within their specializations and regions. WLA will also be extensively promoting the members through Email Marketing (half million mails every month), Linkedin marketing, Social Interviews sessions, youtube channels etc. The idea is to bring WLA as the world’s leader.

Local Expertise.

Members are generally well-established medium-sized firms in their jurisdictions, with substantial partner involvement and both local and international expertise. Firms are responsible for their own staff and work projects. We also admit sole practitioners, boutiques and large practices. English fluency is essential.

Active and Engaged.

Membership to WLA is non-exclusive, but participation in regional and practice-specific networks is encouraged. Firms share an ongoing commitment to the operation and development of WLA, such as participation in conferences and events and prompt response to WLA requests and referrals from other firms.

Shared Values of Honesty, Trust, and Innovation.

Mutual trust and friendship are among the fundamental attributes of WLA membership. Members must adhere to principles of honesty and integrity in all professional dealings, and should observe modern business practices and the ability to communicate efficiently through modern communication channels.