World Law Alliance


Our corporate firms represent public and private companies and equity investors to negotiate and close highly sophisticated transactions.

WLA’s corporate and transactional group covers the full spectrum of corporate transactions important to businesses in today’s global marketplace. Being an alliance of cross functional and cross discipline practices, we have acquired a broad vision of the issues that confront business organizations and an aptitude for developing creative and constructive solutions.

WLA Transactional is particularly effective on certain types of deals that we act on frequently and on complex transactions with high-volume core components, such as contract analysis and review (including due diligence), agreement generation and negotiation, closings, document automation, and compliance and entity management.

  • A dedicated transactions team of full-time legal experts and other professionals who are integrated into WLA’s broader corporate/commercial practice. 
  • Our ongoing commitment to embrace and effect change that will improve your experiences. Our team is curious and creative; we are constantly scanning the evolving technological landscape to find new ways to deliver solutions to you. 
  • Creative yet practical solutions developed through the optimal combination of expertise, processes and technology. We are involved throughout the lifecycle of the transaction, providing support on an ongoing and as needed basis.
  • An emphasis on collaborating with you to understand your business and what matters to you most. The result? A better work product, improved turn-around time and lower costs on your specific transactional requirements.