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March 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

Choosing arbitration provider institution shouldnt be arbitrary

Arbitration providers are all good. But who can take care of the neutrality and all the customized needs of the partners in a transaction or a contract is what makes the choice work for them. But how can parties find one which suits their needs? Other than just using names of years old organizations from the boilerplate templates. What other choice do you have?

16 June 2021 | GMT + 10 hours

Crafting Arbitration Clauses: How Specificity Reduces Dispute Time & Costs

When drafting arbitration clauses, specificity matters. The last thing you want is a disagreement over the provision itself. That would defeat the purpose of the arbitration, and result in litigating the meaning of the clause.

14 July 2021 | GMT - 4 hours

Benefits of Creating Ombuds Function

In recent years, several countries have either enacted laws to protect whistleblowers or strengthened their existing legislation. The principles set out in these different laws vary widely regarding a vast number of areas, including but not limited to: the prerequisites for a whistleblower to benefit from protection, the scope of individuals potentially benefiting from protection, the scope of the confidentiality or non-retaliation provisions, the sanctions imposed on the organization in case of retaliation and the related compensation for the whistleblower, and the existence of a financial incentive for whistleblowers.

30 September 2021 | GMT - 10 hours

Why Mediations Fail & How to Achieve Better Results

The majority of disputes resolved at Mediation. Nonetheless, there remain those that impasse. Explore the leading reasons why Mediations fail and how to achieve better results. Lack of Preparation Unethical conduct in mediation Absence of Decision-Makers Wearing Trial Binders Last Minute Surprises Emotion and Anxiety

16 June 2021 | GMT - 10 hours

Online Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice

There continues to be a growing interest in technological innovations in the legal field with an emergence of online dispute resolution options to improve access to information and justice in many jurisdictions. This session will take stock of the evolution of online dispute resolution, the benefits it offers and challenges it poses whilst looking at how law firms within the region and beyond need to adapt to the latest developments in order to better serve their clients.

18 August 2021 | GMT - 4 hours

An Overview of International Commercial Disputes Tribunal (ICDT) and the Mechanisms for Efficient Arbitration.

29 March 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

Where is the arbitration taking place? Arbitration agreements, applicable law and administration of arbitrations by foreign institutions

The official place of an arbitration can make a difference to the identity of the tribunal members, the procedures, the rules of substantive law and to the outlook and cultural sensitivities of the parties, counsel and the tribunal. These may in turn make a difference to the result in the arbitration and the available recourse against the award.