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Information Technology, Law and Cyberspace

We continue to live in an age of excitement and disruption in the interface of law and information technology. Privacy of our data and the most intimate aspects of our lives captured by these technologies presents the law with particular challenges. 

  • The use of social media to send chilling messages of hate, harassment and offense continues to conflict with its role as a place for uncensored public debate. 
  • Wearable technology has created new forms of social interaction that both liberate and enslave. 
  • Robots now intervene in more and more tasks previously undertaken by humans, such as driving and policing.  How should the law respond?
  • #GWLD seeks to critically unwrap the manner in which the law has been co-opted into the information and technology age and the new forms of social and legal space that it has created. 

Topics & Schedule

30 June 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

Overcoming Cross-Border Uncertainties

Uncertainties of operating in international markets have always remained for businesses. The General Counsel adopts a reactive approach to deal with such uncertainties or the risk management is too conventional. Find out how GC’s can manage cross-border uncertainties and risk more efficiently.

29 Marchr 2021 | GMT + 10 hours

Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution

The field of transnational litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution encompasses substantive and procedural aspects of public and private transnational and international dispute resolution in a range of institutional settings, ranging from national courts to ad hoc arbitral tribunals to permanent international courts and tribunals. It includes topics such as choice of law, enforcement of judgments, and cross-border evidentiary issues. Investment arbitration, conciliation, conflict resolution, and other forms of dispute resolution are also included in this area of practice.

28 October 2021 | GMT - 8 hours

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Technology Sector

What do technology companies expect when acquiring companies?
Navigating geographic differences in technology M&A deals: how differently do we do things?
Trade wars and technology M&A: perspectives from around the world
The impact of artificial intelligence on M&A
Cybersecurity risks in M&A
General counsel forum: a discussion of current and cutting-edge issues faced by general counsels



Getting People to the Table

One of the hardest parts of many mediation processes is just getting people to agree to participate. As is explained in more detail in the section on Limits to Agreement: Better Alternatives people are unlikely to be willing to negotiate if they think they

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