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Topics & Schedule

15 March 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

Digital Transformation of the Law Department

The Law Department of the Future based on Data, Analytics and more efficient Workflows

25 November 2021 | GMT + 10 hours

The Evolving Role of the Chief Legal Officer

The evolving role of the Chief Legal Officer. How the Chief Legal Officer can help build and sustain a Corporate Culture that Leads to more Strategic alignment and better Business results

28 July 2021 | GMT - 4 hours

The Chief Litigation Officer

Bringing leading Litigation executives and innovative suppliers and solution providers together. Session is aligned with key litigation challenges and interests, relevant market developments, and practical and progressive ideas and strategies adopted by successful pioneers.

15 December 2021 | GMT - 10 hours

The General Counsel

But to what degree do in-house teams lean on them? And at what cost?

Boards, rightly or wrongly, see legal departments as a business cost vs a profit centre.

How do GCs, CLOs and other legal leaders within organisations evaluate, scrutinize and maintain the best resources efficiently and effectively?

The dos and don'ts for outsourcing, as well as how to build real value-added partnerships.

31 August 2021 | GMT - 8 hours

The ever-evolving role of general counsel: legal advisor, risk manager, potential chief operating officer and everything in between!

Today’s modern general counsel (GC) wears several hats – compliance officer, risk and crisis manager, strategic adviser, C-suite member, and counsellor in-chief to the chief executive officer and the board.

The sessions will explore these various roles, and the challenges and opportunities faced by GCs and the legal departments they lead as they adopt and assume these roles.

The session will also tackle issues that keep them up at night, and identify how external resources and counsel can provide added value and support to GCs and their in-house teams as they navigate the complexities of doing business.