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Debate over law as a profession versus a business has occurred time and again, and a number of observers believe that it is both.

Topics & Schedule

January 2022 | GMT + 4 hours

Designing a law firm to succeed in digital times

Law is an USD 850bn global market. For the last 30 years firms have used technology to store documents and emails, but the bulk of legal work remains a manual process. How can a law firm be sensibly selective when confronted by the sudden, bewildering feast of tech options? What basic design principles should a law firm adopt to help inform these tech decisions?

15 December 2021 | GMT + 10 hours

Building the Law Firm of the Future

The session will bring together practitioners from around the globe to provide innovative insights and explore the future for law firms.

Whether you are a law firm partner, business service professional or general counsel, you will not want to miss this opportunity to better understand the future of law firms and the legal market.