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Intellectual Property

Protection, Enforcement and Commercialization

Intellectual property rights affect every aspect of our modern life and academic activity. Nevertheless, contemporary intellectual property law is currently facing a number of unforeseen challenges that have created a series of problems to the application of the law. Some argue that the law, in its current framework, cannot cope with such changes. While others believe that recent challenges could be used to further develop legal analysis in this area of the law.

We welcome critical reflections on the related themes, in order to facilitate cross-pollination of ideas. The presenters will appeal to multidisciplinary audiences. Themes and/or cases study materials could include-

  • Trade Mark Law
  • Patent Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Designs Law
  • Geographical indication
  • Intellectual property and the Internet
  • Intellectual property and competition law
  • Innovation and Intellectual property
  • Intellectual property and Globalization

Topics & Schedule

12 May 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

Intellectual Property and the Internet

30 April 2021 | GMT + 10 hours

Innovation and Intellectual Property



Getting People to the Table

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