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15 September 2021 | GMT + 4 hours

How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Legal Operations with Contract Management.

12 April 2021 | GMT + 8 hours

Cybersecurity Risk Management from a Legal, Business and IT perspective.

15 March 2021 | GMT - 9 hours

The Potential Impact of AI on Managing Contracts

12 May 2021 | GMT - 4 hours

#legaltech: Challenging Traditional Law Firm Business Models

Challenging how we do law by integrating technology and innovation in the practice of law. Leveraging enabling technologies to improve access to justice. This session looks into sustainable alternatives to current business law firm models and how integrating innovative thinking and technological solutions can help law firms create more efficient and effective systems and client-centric service offerings.

Key Takeaways: 1. What #legaltech startups are doing right in shifting legal solution narratives. 2. How to go guide for lawyers to leverage technology and innovation NOW. 3. Urgent need to adapt: reskill, rethink, adapt or die.

28 May 2021 | GMT - 10 hours

The Transformation of Corporate Legal

A live demonstration of one of the most innovative solutions on how to make your legal team more effective through the use of, Legal Request Management, Intelligent Document Assembly, Legal Matter Management and Legal Contract Management.

Key Takeaways: 1. Corporate Legal Teams drive innovation 2. A change in mindset from being a cost center to being a cost saver

31 August 2022 | GMT - 4 hours

The New Legal Normal: How NewLaw Entrepreneurs are Changing the Legal Services Landscape and What Does it Mean for BigLaw

Internationally, BigLaw has been forced to change their operations and implement the agility of NewLaw as the modern client now demands quicker, cheaper and more efficient services. Law firms and legal departments learn from the mavericks of the legal world to aid them in preparing for the future of the legal profession.