World Law Alliance, WLA Nominates and Appoints Mr. Lupicinio Rodriguez as a member of the Global Council of WLA & Vice President.

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WLA announced that Mr. Lupicinio Rodriguez, Executive Chairman of Lupicinio International Law Firm, with its HQ in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, has been appointed as amember of WLA’s Global Council.

Lupicinio comes with a long and rich international experience as the founder of the prestigious International Law Firm, bearing his name, founded in 1980. In 1996 he headed the legal services of CajaMadrid (Bankia). He was formerly a member of the Denton International Board and the Eversheds International Board. Since 2012 Lupicinio Rodriguez leads international think tanks aimed at promoting sustainable global advocacy (global efficiency).

Lupicinio has authored several papers and books laws of Energy, Industry, banking system (advocating for the privatization of Saving Banks) and Mines. He has also written papers and videos on global legal efficiency, and the article “Evolution of the Legal Sector: toward the global efficiency of integrated law boutiques.” He was a member of the Steering Committee of the European Banking and the National Committee of ICC. He is also Chairman of SCEVOLA, Association for Ethics and Quality in the legal profession, and member of the Advisory Board of IOC (Instituto de Oficiales de Cumplimiento – Compliance Officers).

“I am delighted to welcome Mr. Lupicinio Rodriguez to our Global Council,” said Krishan Kakkar, President of World Law Alliance, WLA. “He brings much needed energy and abundance of regional resources at this critical stage of early growth of WLA and a beginning in the European region. I am confident that our global initiative will benefit from Mr. Rodriguez’s regional insights and global perspective as we continue to focus on executing our strategy and delivering value for our members and clients around the world.”

“I am pleased to participate in a leading role to strengthen the new advocacy, an austere and sustainable advocacy,” Lupicinio has assured. “And to support new global leadership, not necessarily Anglo-American, aimed at curbing invasive and costly globalisation in a world of austerity and resilience.”

In his role, Lupicinio will lead WLA in the Spain region and will be responsible for aligning resources that will help WLA drive execution across all of its initiatives and businesses.

Lupicinio will be subject to appointment for additional roles at the next WLA Global Executive Board meeting. Meanwhile, he has been appointed to serve as the Vice President and member of the Global Council of World Law Alliance.

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