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Sonal Raval, Advocate

Sonal Raval, Advocate

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Firm Overview

We are a medium sized law firm offering personalized and detail-oriented services to our clients whilst maintaining keen attention to detail.

Our core values are integrity, professionalism and transparency.


By way of reference some of the matters that we have handled include:

Undertaking a Company Restructuring involving the transfer of both the business and employees between associated companies;

Preparation of an Aircraft Leasing Agreement;

Due diligence exercise in respect of a merger involving a private firm in the U.K and an entity based also in the U.K having subsidiaries in Kenya and various other African countries;

Due diligence exercise with specific reference to contractual documents, legal compliance with reference to licensing and products offered by the target company. This takeover was by an international company of a holding company that held shares in Kenya and nineteen (19) other African countries;

Takeover by an offshore company of three (3) entities respectively operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania but carrying out the same business in the region . Our role saw us work with a tax advisory firm with respect to tax issues and compliance in relation to the takeover and put in the legal structure for the regional transaction, handle the Kenyan aspect exclusively and oversee the legal transaction including drafting templates of documents to be used for Tanzania and Uganda;

Drawing and completing commercial leases for various commercial buildings in Nairobi and Mombasa;

Estate development of sixty (60) units where we worked with a tax advisory firm to implement the suggested tax advice into the legal structure of the development, drafting and completing the various agreements for sale and subleases, Incorporation of the management companies and transfer of the reversionary interest. We also worked on the drafting, review and formalization of the home owners regulations for this development.

The preparation of a privacy policy and a privacy statement for a client in the Fintech industry;

Preparation of an Anti-money laundering and BYOD Policy;

Providing guidance on the preparation/drafting of a whistle blowing policy;

Bank securities/security work involving the preparation of bank-to-bank undertakings and professional undertakings;

Employment matters including giving legal advice/opinions on a wide range of employment queries/issues and the preparation of employment contracts;

Family law matters including probate and succession, estate planning and drawing of Wills;

Alternative Dispute Resolution (with a focus on Arbitration) and civil litigation;

Company secretarial services involving the maintenance of a company’s physical and online records;

Conveyancing including the application of provisional titles and reconstruction of land registers, booking and assisting clientswith Land Control Board (LCB) sittings, giving legal advice on and preparing leases and licenses over community land held by communities and a group ranch;

Corporate law including the registration of companies;

Intellectual property including the registration and renewal of trademarks and licenses; and

Preparation of Trust Deeds and registration of Charitable Trusts.