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Structuring Contracts & Transactions

Today’s new market dynamics create every variety of business and financial opportunity for a company set on growth, expansion or maximizing shareholder value. With a WLA expert team, turn your business opportunity into reality.

Businesses regularly face the decision to pursue opportunities as well as their naturally-accompanying obstacles and pitfalls. But, without the right experience and expertise to deftly negotiate, structure and finance a deal, such opportunities may in fact, prove infeasible. From navigating the complexities of M&A and securing financing for a deal, to solidifying a contract and strategizing tax objectives, businesses need a variety of expertise and legal support to turn an opportunity into a fruitful and unassailable reality.

Whether structuring a deal, evaluating a joint venture partnership, managing an IPO, or negotiating financing – Start-ups, mid-size companies and global corporations, all rely on WLA depth and breadth of experience, expertise and resources. WLA’s high calibre venture capital and M&A teams are dedicated to helping companies recognize, develop and realize significant opportunities.

WLA offers expert advice across all industries, legal practice areas, and national and international borders. We understand the business imperatives behind a transaction and the business environments in which you operate. We bring a pervasive “client first” approach and goal-driven processes to support you through every aspect of negotiating, structuring and financing a deal.

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