WLA Intellectual Property & Technology Group

As intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks or copyrights have become increasingly tangible and therefore valuable to organisations, so has their protection, management and defense in the face of infringement. The WLA Intellectual Property Practice Group is well placed to provide country and sector specific advice on the protection, management and defense of global IP in 60 countries.

Throughout the lifecycle of innovation and growth, organisations need to have an international strategy to protect and exploit their intellectual property. The technology revolution also comes with regulatory impact, in particular in the area of data protection and privacy.

Organisations need to tackle these cross-border opportunities and challenges in a proactive, cost efficient and cohesive way.

The WLA Advantage

The WLA Intellectual Property & Technology group comprises of specialist professionals across the globe, who have a long history of close collaboration, synergy, and working for the benefit o clients.

We have helped clients register their brands worldwide, and successfully implement international strategies for cross-border intellectual property litigation, making the best use of local knowledge in each jurisdiction involved.

We have also helped clients manage and contain data breaches that have had an impact in several countries, as well as negotiate cross-border contracts and establish ways to take their technology to new markets.

Our cohesive international approach, combined with our on-the-ground local knowledge in each jurisdiction, helps our clients to reach their objectives in a practical, coordinated manner.