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Stockholm Arbitration & Litigation Center (SALC) Law Firm

Stockholm Arbitration & Litigation Center (SALC) Law Firm

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Firm Overview

The firm

SALC is a commercial boutique law firm founded June 1st, 2006 with a practice primarily focusing on national and international commercial dispute resolution, but also on providing our clients with corporate legal services in general.

SALC is a small, efficient and highly qualified organization with at least one senior partner always actively involved in the client matter at hand.

We have the knowledge necessary to assist our clients in any commercial dispute; national, international or cross-border, litigation, arbitration or mediation. We have the commitment our clients have been looking for. And we hang in there, because we have the devotion it takes.

Our focus

We work closely together with the client’s best interest as our primary focus. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients through knowledge, commitment and devotion. A proof of that being a successful strategy is that many of our clients have been with us since the day the firm was founded. We always strive to continue developing the relationships over time to assure that what we deliver is customized for and brings the greatest value to the client.

Areas of expertise

We are a tight team of highly devoted and skilled business lawyers ready to assist our clients in any commercial dispute, always with a business-orientated mind-set, but we also assist our clients in corporate or commercial matters in general, such as writing and negotiating commercial contracts, dealing with labour law issues and making sure the clients’ intellectual property (IP) is protected. For some of our clients, we also function as in-house lawyers providing input and support in the daily business, always ready to answer legal questions that may arise in connection to our clients’ businesses.

Founder and partner Dan Engström has more than 30 years of experience in commercial dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as in franchising and commercial contracts. Engström is admitted to WIPO’s list of independent international arbitrators within the intellectual property field and is also admitted to the ICDR/AAA list of independent international arbitrators. Further­more, Engström has repetitive appointments as mediator. He is the author of the commentary to the Swedish Mediation Act. Engström has also written the mediation rules for the Swedish franchise organization, “Svensk Franchise”, of which SALC is a supportive and active member.

Partner Annelie Lindstedt is an experienced business lawyer focusing on commercial contracts and corporate transactions paired with more than 20 years of knowledge from the IT industry.

Before being appointed Judge of Appeal, partner Jan Stålhandske had many years of experience as Legal Expert at different Ministries and Chief Legal Adviser for national agencies in the field of transport. He has been a lawyer since 2011, representing clients mainly in the infrastructure sector. He specializes in regulatory issues and in litigation and arbitration, often concerning public procurement.

Our clients

Our clients are midsize up to larger national companies, but also multinational companies with business throughout Europe, Asia and/or US. Through our different international networks, chosen carefully for the case at hand, we can help and assist our clients in almost any jurisdiction.