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Firm Overview

Exceptional & Personalized Client Service & Care is my Priority

Roselyn Sands Law is Roselyn Sands’s latest creation.

Following a prominent successful international career with reputable law firms Holland & Knight, Proskauer & EY, Roselyn founded Roselyn Sands Law in 2020.

Believing profoundly that human resources must be at the very heart of every organization, Roselyn has chosen, at the peak of her career, to work even closer with clients in a personalized manner to ensure exceptional client service and the highest quality legal advice for her clients.

Key Services & Practice Areas

Your strategic Trusted Legal Advisor for International HR

Employment Law

Treat the workforce as if they were clients & ambassadors for the Company

Whether it be on-boarding, day-to-day relationship assistance, or exits, we advise and assist clients with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition and uplifting work experience for the workforce in compliance with applicable law.

Labor Law

Create trust and confidence with works councils and unions

Of course, legal compliance is critical in works council/union relationships. We advise and assist to ensure that labor relations are constructive to the success of the business.

Remote work, immigration & Social Security Law

Remote work and mobility create special challenges

For the mobile employee population, companies often require assistance in immigration & social security matters. We work with top quality and experienced professionals to provide advice and assistance.

Strategic & Global HR Advisory

The importance of legal anthropology

Over 35 years of experience of how business gets done across cultures, enables us to provide our clients strong, strategic, and culturally sensitive advice and assistance on human resources matters across borders internationally.

Interim HR Management

From thought to finish – Let us handle the whole thing for you

Clients sometimes need not only advice but also hands-on assistance and management of works councils, unions, and their workforce, on the ground, in different countries around the world.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation, Arbitration, or Mediation Limited to France and the United States

We will efficiently resolve dispute resolution matters whether it be litigation in the courts or mediation or arbitration matters. Assessing the legal risk and settlement options is critical, as well as special attention to protecting our client’s brand & reputation.

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