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Firm Overview

International law firm specialized in litigation and arbitration of commercial and technology disputes, the enforcement of judgments and awards, discovery and judicial assistance, privacy, and business advisory services.

Alex’s main activities include:

  • International arbitration. Acting as counsel or as arbitrator appointed by the parties or by institutions; on the lists of major arbitration institutions, including the Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center; selected by the EU and US governments to the Privacy Shield arbitration panel in 2018, to resolve international data protection disputes; frequent speaker and author on arbitration matters at conferences by the ABA, ICC, International Technology Law Association, and others.
  • International litigation. Representing parties in commercial litigation before the French courts; enforcement in France of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards; asset tracing and recovery.
  • International Discovery. Obtaining evidence in France under the Hague Evidence Convention of 1970; appointments by US State and Federal trial courts as Hague Commissioner under Chapter II of the Convention); advising parties on Hague discovery and French Blocking Statute procedures and compliance; acting as Privacy Monitor to verify compliance with French and EU data protection rules in Hague discovery, and advising clients on privacy compliance in discovery.
  • Technology. Representing technology companies in software and hardware licensing and distribution; cybersecurity; encryption import/export under the Wassenaar régime; technology copyright and patent advising and litigation; frequent speaker on technology law in Europe/US.
  • Data Privacy. advising on data privacy compliance under French and EU law, in particular under the GDPR (effective date in May 2018); advising on compliance with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) requirements for declarations and authorizations