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Firm Overview

Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law is a dynamic and rapidly developing firm, providing legal services to Czech as well as foreign clients both in English and Czech. Our clients include, in particular, large, middle and small-sized businesses, but also individuals..

Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law was set up to continue in the long-term practice of its founders and associates on the market of legal services . Since 2012, the law firm has operated as a limited liability company.

During their practice, the lawyers working for Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law have obtained extensive experience in major Czech and international law firms thanks to which they can now offer services of a standard provided by the leading law firms while maintaining, at the same time, personal approach and much more favourable commercial terms.

With our flexible team of specialised lawyers and other experts working with us, we can provide legal advice of a high professional standard in almost all branches of law, tailor-made to satisfy the needs of our individual clients. By providing high-quality services, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients whose satisfaction and trust is our priority.

Furthermore, Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law cooperates closely with a company operating as an insolvency administrator and has a specialised team concentrating on insolvency law. The lawyer – expert responsible for this area of services is Kamil Podroužek who has passed a basic as well as a special examination for insolvency administrators, thus obtaining a licence to perform the office of insolvency administrator, including in insolvency proceedings against large-sized businesses and financial institutions which require additional qualifications. Having extensive experience in and knowledge of this area, our law firm can provide to our clients comprehensive services in and advice on insolvency law, should the client be a debtor seeking to resolve his insolvency, or a creditor making a claim against an insolvent debtor. Such services include also representation of the client and identification of an appropriate strategy for the insolvency proceedings.

Our clients receive:

Flexibility, high expertise and quality

Our rapidly growing clientele and their specific requirements in various branches of law require individual approach to providing legal services. Therefore, each client is assigned a lawyer specialising in the specific branch of law or a team of legal advisors selected with regard to the relevant matter at issue and the specific needs and requirements of the client. As well, a person is appointed to assume responsibility for the particular case and the organisation and overall quality of the services rendered, and to communicate with the client.

If need be, we can engage in the team work additional specialised external lawyers who work with our law firm, experts, auditors, tax and accounting advisors, distrainers and notaries so that we can provide one-stop advice and services appropriate for specific client projects.

State-of-the-art technology, knowledge and processes

We are aware that because of the frequent amendments of legal regulations which are, unfortunately, characteristic of the present time, it is essential to be able to follow systematically any developments and latest trends in laws.

Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law uses a range of up-to-date systems giving it access to databases of statutes, case law and latest professional literature, which are updated on a daily basis. In addition, our lawyers regularly attend workshops organised by the Czech Bar Association as well as private entities, by which they maintain their expertise at the top level and obtain knowledge of the recent changes in laws as well as practice.

By using modern technologies, means of communication and latest processes such as electronic filings with a guaranteed electronic signature, data boxes, processing of special electronic applications for payment orders, etc., we save our clients’ time and expenses.

Knowledge of the locality where we are based, but also nationwide operation

During their long-time successful practice primarily in Eastern Bohemia, Central Bohemia and Prague, the lawyers of Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law established working relationships with many auditors, tax advisors, distrainers, court-appointed experts, insolvency administrators, translators, interpreters and other specialists, working with whom we can render above-standard services also in other localities according to our clients’ individual needs.

Podroužek, Moník, Petera and partners, Attorneys-at-Law activities largely extend beyond the territory covered by a standard regional law firm. We can provide legal advisory and services, efficient in terms of time and money, across the entire Czech Republic. Our clients include numerous significant companies based in Prague and other regions of the country who receive day-to-day advice regarding their business activities.

Foreign-language legal services and knowledge of international legal environment

Having the knowledge of foreign languages and experience from previous legal practice, our lawyers can provide legal services also in international commerce, including participation in English-language negotiations with our clients’ foreign business partners. We can render all our legal services in a foreign language, including communication and preparation of the entire contractual documentation in English, without the need to increase the client’s costs with a translator’s fee.

For matters going beyond the framework of the Czech laws which require consultation on foreign legal regulations, we can obtain an appropriate legal analysis and arrange for the client to be represented before courts or administrative bodies in the relevant country through one of the foreign law firms cooperating with us.

There is a good reason to become our client!