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MGC Legal, the business partner of US giant consulting company Andersen Global in Turkey, is a corporate, prominent, and full-service global law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company focuses and handles all aspects of legal issues in all its dimensions and with a result-oriented, best-in-class approach.


MGC Legal secures credible, fast, and technology-dominated services with the highest standards and works with leading experts in different legal issues. MGC Legal works with its team and the world’s leading self-proclaimed expert academics and practitioners who aim to ensure and give confidence that its clients have access to up-to-date and accurate information.


MGC Legal provides credible legal services across the globe as the first and the only business partner of US-based Andersen Global in Turkey: an international organization consisting of independent member companies with professional staff specialized in tax and law provides legal and advisory services to businesses worldwide specialized in tax.

MGC Legal was selected as the “Law Firm of the Year in Real Estate” in 2017 by Lawyer Monthly, one of the world’s most respected law and business publications, which awards law firms and lawyers.