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Lupicinio International Law Firm, founded in 1979, is a leading Spanish firm with an extensive network of its own offices and international alliances in those jurisdictions where our clients have investment and business opportunities. We specialize in the creation of transversal teams able to offer high-quality and bespoke legal services.

Our expertise: At Lupicinio International Law Firm, we reinforce our 3 great pillars of expertise: a) litigation and arbitration, b) corporate and competition and c) investment, trade and international sanctions. We offer bespoke legal advice in highly complex matters, both locally and globally, and the provision of support to companies with international activities. We have more than 30 years of proven experience assisting our clients who include international companies, banking and financial institutions, SMEs and private individuals.

Within Spain we have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Vigo and Valladolid. We also have rep offices in various jurisdictions and a consolidated network of strategic alliances including UAE, Russia and Algeria. Increasingly, companies are looking to develop their business internationally and to carry out complex projects that require advice from professionals with experience in other legal frameworks. This is why we have signed alliances with law firms based in multiple jurisdictions. Take for example, is our alliance with the boutique firm Lex Terrae in India. This partnership allows us to service all of our clients’ needs into this jurisdiction with effective and responsive global coordination. Please download a copy of the brochure we have created in partnership with Lex Terrae about the legal system and investment in India ( As well as India, internationally we work through our alliances with law firms located in those regions where our clients most need us such as Europe, North America, Asia and China.

Every month we publish a Newsletter on the latest international sanctions imposed in the European Union, The United States and The United Kingdom, created by our experts in this field. Please follow this link to read the latest Newsletter on International Sanctions for May 2021 (

Our team of professionals includes the most reliable, qualified and experienced lawyers, specialized in all the practice areas in which our clients could need legal advice. Additionally, professionals from other disciplines collaborate with us, including economists, IT professionals, communications experts and environmental experts, so we can offer the most complete legal solutions bringing together multiple perspectives. We are a global, multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional firm.