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What can a company do to make sure that its operations are not subject to uncontrollable risks?

There are usually 2 options:

Hire a lawyer:

  • Hiring a separate lawyer will cost at least 2000 EUR / month
  • It may turn out that one person does not know all the necessary areas
  • He / she can also get sick, go on vacation, etc.

Hire a law firm:

  • Usually paid for by the hour
  • The cost is too high and out of control to afford on a daily basis
  • Lawyers are only involved when there are serious problems or risks
  • The temporary law firm will answer the questions asked of it, but will not see the entire operation of the company

We offer a better solution!
Enter into a subscriber agreement for legal services
How does it work?

  1. A legal assessment of the Client’s activities is performed and, if necessary, existing documents are adjusted or new ones are drawn up
  2. Meeting with the Client, reported results, and suggestions for further cooperation
  3. When concluding a contract, the necessary documents are agreed with the lawyer of our office, ensuring that all legal risks are controlled. If necessary, lawyers participate in discussions and coordination of documents with the other party

Why choose us?


You will no longer have to worry about how much to pay for legal services each month.


Legal services are provided directly to the needs of your company, providing legal specialization in various fields.


Our experienced lawyers will ensure that your company is in safe hands.


Legal aid is provided continuously and risks are eliminated before they start to endanger your company.

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