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Firm Overview

Kaya & Partner was founded by A.Vahit Kaya who has been practicing law since 1991 in Turkey, Australia and various European countries.

The firm represents and provides legal services to international, and Turkish, companies, foundations, institutions, individuals ad real persons in all areas of Turkish and international law.

Kaya & Partner also assists clients engaged in a wide range of domestic and cross-border legal matters ,including cross-border transaction/business, contracts, transport, tort, insurance, aviation, personal injury, property, petroleum, employment – labour relations, debt collection, inheritance , family , ADR, mediation and arbitration, international civil law, citizenship and Immigration law, deportation, health ,travel and International claims, criminal law and fraud Investigation (Please see our Areas of Practice )

The lawyers (barristers and solicitors ) at Kaya & Partner have represented many clients from various European countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland ,England , Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Balkans and Scandinavians,, North America, Africa, Gulf Countries (GCC), including UAE, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain as well as clients represented from China, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore , Malesia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon etc. ,

Firm Profile

It is our desire to satisfy our clients on legal matters regardless of size or financial capabilities. We aim foremost to ensure we can guarantee the provision of a full service to existing clients rather than look for new clients. We believe in the value of long term relationships, and the importance of clients’ satisfaction and global business transactions.

The Turkish barristers and solicitors at Kaya Partner Lawyers, have been appointed as legal experts by foreign courts – especially British courts on Turkish Law.

We provide high level legal services with our team of partners, associates, (barristers and solicitors) in; Turkish, English, German, Kurdish and Dutch.

Membership: The firm’s lawyers are members of;
  • EUROJURIS International
  • PEOPIL Pan European Personal Injury Lawyers,
  • LawNet and APIL UK
  • BWA German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade
  • LAWASIA The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific
  • AAJ (The American Association for Justice)
  • LEGAROO Travel Legal Assistance
  • Istanbul Bar Association and Turkish Union of the Bars
  • European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law
  • German – Turkish Lawyers Association
  • AHK – IHK , and
  • Gosslar , Institute for European Traffic Law ( IETL )