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Firm Overview

Gf Legal operates with offices in Milan, Rome and London. Founded by Cristina Gandolfi and Mario Fusani, it is characterized by an active and dynamic structure based on a careful selection of its collaborators and also by a large network of correspondents both nationally and internationally.


Cristina Gandolfi and Mario Fusani have been working professionally for over 30 years and, in common, since 1987.


We are the reference point for our customers, offering them services, the result of careful research and team work.

The services offered are aimed at carrying out interventions in favor of entities and companies operating in the various economic realities.


Cristina Gandolfi and Mario Fusani have grown and expanded, to give the studio an international connotation. For this reason, GF LEGAL STP was born in 2009.


Efficiency, organizational skills and internal coordination are the strengths of the study.