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Firm Overview

FDE Legal is a firm that combines specialization with a comprehensive vision of the Law whose practice is based on experience and innovation. It was founded in 2013 by Flavio Darío Espinal, a professional with a long and vast experience in the practice of Law, academia, public service and legal advice.

The accumulation of experiences and the diversity of capacities and talents of the FDE Legal team of lawyer, place the firm in the ideal position to assist its clients in making business decisions, mitigating and managing possible legal risks in the search for answers to legal problems as well as in the development of its relations with the different State institutions.

The purpose of the firm is to provide our clients with high quality legal assistance and service responding creatively, practically and effectively to their legal problems and needs. Our goal is to be a benchmark for modern and innovative legal practice that adds value and provides advice, support and timely solutions to our clients.

The commitment of our firm will always be with a practice of law based on a strong sense of responsibility, integrity and loyalty.

FDE Legal concentrates its professional practice in the areas of Public Law, Business Law and Intellectual Property, areas of vital importance for the operation of companies and institutions in the development of their activities.

Our doors are always open to assist and serve our clients with the values that guide our actions and the motivation to give the best of ourselves at every opportunity.