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In 1992, thanks to their overseas education and international experience of working in Europe, the US, and Hong Kong respectively, the founders of Duan & Duan sensed the business opportunity of establishing a private law firm when lawyers in China were still listed as “State Legal Workers”. With their pioneering courage and perseverance in seeking excellence, the founders of the firm applied for, and secured, a special approval from China’s Ministry of Justice for forming the first ever partnership law firm of the People’s Republic of China — one that is privately funded and owned by overseas educated Chinese professionals. They formed the firm in Pudong, Shanghai, the epicenter of economic reform and opening to the outside world.

After almost 30 years of development, Duan & Duan has now become one of the most unique and renowned full-service law firms in China, capable of continuously providing our clients with the best quality legal services. A forerunner in becoming a Chinese international law firm, Duan & Duan is in a solid leading position in providing cross-border legal services.

Duan & Duan now boasts 29 offices in and outside China, and over 1,000 legal professionals firm-wide. With its full-fledged legal service platform and well-established capabilities and expertise, Duan & Duan delivers one-stop-shop legal services and provide our clients with practical solutions.

Duan & Duan has been steadily implementing its development plan in phases, with design and milestones to accomplish in mind, and with a view to becoming an increasingly international, well-known and sizable law firm in China.