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Christian Barlocher Rechtsanwalt

Christian Barlocher Rechtsanwalt

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Your independent compliance function

Outsource compliance function and create security for your company

Compliance creates value and legal security

Laws and processes are constantly changing, the requirements for legally compliant documentation of processes are getting higher and higher: As an entrepreneur, you can easily lose track of things and risk high fines.

With an external compliance function, you are always up to date and do not have to fear the next audit.

Immediately available help with compliance questions

You have an urgent problem with the supervisory board or supervisory authority, there is a risk of considerable damage – your independent compliance function, attorney Christian Bärlocher, can be reached immediately for a free initial information.

  • Just call
  • Free initial consultation
  • Feedback on your problem within 3 hours
Free compliance test bench

Only those who know the status quo can prepare effectively. Your independent external compliance function will come to you and create your compliance protocol free of charge. I check your internal processes and create your individual compliance traffic light. You can see at a glance:

  • Which processes urgently need to be revised
  • Where there is a need for action in the long term
  • Which business processes are already running in a legally secure manner
Face the next audit calmly thanks to the ongoing revision

It is better to act in good time and have all business processes constantly monitored and documented.

With my help, train your employees and introduce control mechanisms in a timely manner.

No more fear of exams and possible criminal proceedings!