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Cabinet DHP Avocats

Cabinet DHP Avocats

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Firm Overview

DHP Avocats based in Benin is a specialist Law Firm with several areas of expertise aimed to satisfy the needs of national, sub-regional and international clients in key areas of Business Law and Financial Law.

Its activity is focused on legal and regulatory compliance advice in a variety of specialities: Banking and Financial Law, Public Finance and Taxation, Digital Law, Corporate Law, Labour Law, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Intellectual Property Law.

DHP Avocats supports and assists you in the implementation of your investment projects, with professionalism.

Our Focus

Aware of the cost of litigation, the Firm focuses primarily on legal advice and capacity building for companies and investment project stakeholders.

In the event of a dispute, DHP Avocats favours amicable settlement and alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration.

We also represent clients in court procedure.