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Cabinet Abouba Aly Maiga & Associes

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Firm Overview

CABINET ABOUBA ALY MAIGA & ASSOCIES has forged an international dimension.

Since its creation, CABINET ABOUBA ALY MAIGA has implemented an external development strategy through the integration within its structure of associate lawyers and or collaborators in the field of commercial law and company law, mining law, labor law, economic law and environmental law.



In your interest, CABINET ABOUBA intervenes inter alia in:

Cancellation of the administrative act
Cancellation of administrative decisions
Disputes of expropriation
Immigration litigation


CABINET ABOUBA has acquired a set of specialized skills that allow him to inform, advise and assist the CEO of Very Small Companies, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), GE (Group of Companies) and offer unique and sustainable solutions (Commercial Relations, Relations with banking institutions, Negotiations, Drafting and follow-up of commercial contracts, Disputes relating to non-performance of contractual obligations …).
Advanced practical and theoretical knowledge of OHADA community law: “Organization for Harmonization of Business Law in Africa”


Drafting, filing and modification of the articles of association, Acquisitions and disposals of assets and shares, Preparation of meetings and governing bodies, Relations between shareholders, Articles of association, Disputes relating to the incorporation and operation of companies, Business transfers, Restructuring, Universal Asset Allocation (TUP), Asset and Liability Guarantees ….
The creation of companies and their financing by financial institutions


In front of all the repressive jurisdictions: correctional court, court of appeal, assize court, direct victim or victim by ricochet, CABINET ABOUBA undertakes to listen to you, to hear you and to accompany you.


The office deals in particular with national and international adoption.

We are among the leaders in this field in Mali.


CABINET ABOUBA has adequate resources to defend your interests. If we had to propose a definition, we would say that family law is the set of rules that delimit the conditions and effects of kinship and alliance.
It governs the personal and patrimonial relationships that are established between members of the same family


Our lawyers put all their knowledge at the service of all the clients of the Cabinet in order to advise them in their daily activities, and to accompany them throughout the realization of their projects and to bring them all the necessary assistance in the disputes they may face.
Institutional public and private, traders and industrial Malian and foreign, SME / SMI and major multinational groups, many companies trust the CABINET ABOUBA ALY MAIGA, some for several years, to advise, assist and represent them in all areas of skill.

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