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Al Shayji Legal Group

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Firm Overview

Since attorney Aisha Abdul Rahman Al-Shayji began choosing her legal and administrative team to establish this legal group, she focused on the elements of the legal profession in Kuwait and the Arab world by selecting an elite group of legal advisors, a highly qualified administrative staff and a careful organization , which enabled her to gain the confidence of a wide range of individuals and small and medium-sized companies.

Today, thanks to the long experience in this field that exceeded 15 years, this group has become the legal arm of (Dar Al-Shayji Holding), which includes under its wing companies operating in the medical, real estate and commercial fields, to build through this entity a solid confidence of medium and large companies as well as foreign companies in Kuwait.

“It makes no sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do,” says Steve Jobs. “We hire smart people to tell us what to do.”

Our services

Al-Shayji Legal Group provided legal advice according to the provisions of Kuwaiti laws and legislations, comparing them with the legislation and counterpart laws in the countries of the world, reaching the most appropriate legal opinion with the client or his company, and resolving all disputes and questions that he is exposed to, and it is presented through all paper, electronic and telephone communication methods, or By personally attending the group’s headquarters.


Establishing, drafting, and reviewing all types of civil and commercial contracts and agreements with official and commercial entities such as buying, selling, renting, investing, establishing and dividing estates, financial liquidations, personal status agreements, and others that fall within the scope of our legal work.


Establishing the lawsuits entrusted to us, attending on behalf of our clients in all cases brought against them of all kinds, civil, commercial, administrative, criminal and personal status, attending and following sessions, and pleading before all levels of litigation.

Attending meetings:

Attending with clients and clients their important meetings in which they need quick legal intervention or legal protection for opinions that are being traded with others.


Al-Shayji Legal Group carries out all implementation procedures and follows them periodically to ensure the rights of clients and exempt them from reviewing the competent authorities after the issuance of the final judgments.

International Section:

Through this section, the group provides all its legal services in the English language through a group of advisors and lawyers specializing in international law and the legal English language.


The group, on behalf of its clients, collects the money owed to them or invested with others and makes claims through friendly or formal legal methods.