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Firm Overview

Our uniqueness

AK & Co. was founded, in 2009 as a Full-Service Law Firm Boutique, acting as a one-stop-shop for all of our client’s corporate and commercial needs, served only by our expert partners devotedly supporting each client individually which makes personal attentions our forte and afford our clients high availability and very competitive legal fees.

By adopting this new model for the delivery of legal services, we strive to redefine the role that a law firm plays in the daily business lives of our clients and to produce truly exceptional results for our clients.

AK & Co. is not just a law firm. It is the idea that professional services can be improved by reducing wasteful overhead and leveraging technology to improve client service. Trusted business counsel, without the fancy pants.

AK & Co. is member of the following International Organizations:

IDI, ICA-International Compliance Association & International Bar Association

Our Areas of Expertise

AK & Co. was founded, by Attorney Assaf Kriel, a highly experienced commercial lawyer as a new kind of a law firm, acting as an inclusive boutique for all of our client’s corporate and commercial needs, served only by our expert partners devotedly supporting each client individually which makes the personal attentions our forte and afford our clients high availability and very competitive legal fees.

The firm offers its clients sophisticated and high caliber counseling together with a dynamic approach to the practice of law while expanding the scope of its resources and fields of expertise. The breath of the firm’s expertise affords clients vast range access to legal knowledge and experience. AK & Co. is a member of The International Bar Association (IBA) which allows the firm’s clients to enjoy the benefits of a worldwide network of professional ties, legal services and cross boarder knowledge.

Our rich and varied spectrum of specialties include:

Distribution, Agency and international Trade

The firm has an exclusive membership in The International Distribution Institute (IDI) which deals with distribution law around the world. Members of the IDI International network are lawyers, internal counsels and consultants, who share an interest in cross border distribution of products and services.

As a distinct international firm with extensive international activity, AK & Co. has a rich practice in the field of distribution and the agency, trade and franchising. The firm represents importers, exporters and distribution companies of brands and innovative products from a wide variety of fields, including consumer goods, footwear and clothing, food and fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. The firm has a deep understanding and experience in the fields of export-import and the relevant regulation, enabling it to advise any import, export or distribution company operating in Israel and to contribute significantly to the advancement of its business.

Furthermore, Attorney Assaf Kriel was nominated by the IDI to serve as Israel’s Country Experst on issues relating to distribution, agency and franchsing law.

Intellectual Property and Licensing Agreements

The firm provides legal services in a variety of intellectual property fields, including litigation, registration proceedings, comprehensive advice and ongoing support in commercial transactions in all matters related to trademarks, copyright, designs and complimentary fields such as: licensing, strategic partnerships, marketing and distribution, joint development projects, technologic transfer, material transfer, clinical trial, trade secrets, unjust enrichment, OEM, VAR and other supply relationship agreements and commercializing of I.P.

Commercial and Corporate law

The firm has extensive experience providing legal support to clients across broad spectrum of industries, ranging from traditional industries to hi-tech (hardware and software), IT and communication, food-tech and medical devices, agro-tech and solar, internet and e-commerce.

The services provided by the department include: structuring, negotiating and documenting complex multi-party joint ventures, strategic alliances and all types of commercial agreements including: licensing, strategic partnerships, agency, distribution, resale, purchase, manufacturing, OEM and all other supply related agreements. Advising on regulatory issues and aspects of consumer protection legislation, consulting foreign corporations conducting business in Israel regarding market customs, structuring relevant issues, compensation arrangements and adapting international policies, procedures and strategies for Israeli entities. Advising on transactions (such as asset and share purchase agreements, joint ventures, mergers and corporate reorganizations) and assistance in diligence reviews and intellectual property analyses and maintaining corporate records and monitoring filings and corporate governance compliance.

High-tech, start-ups and technology agreements

The firm specializes in advising technology companies from all industries, from innovative start-ups to multi-national hi-tech companies. The firm provides a wide range of legal and business services in the high-tech field, tailor-made to the client’s standards and possess the commercial and legal understanding necessary to promote transactions in the field in the most efficient, professional and profitable manner.

The firm provides its clients with full accompaniment throughout the entire life cycle of the company, starting with its establishment, in its ongoing activities and at strategic junctions such as mergers and acquisitions, offerings and more. The firm’s experience encompasses all the most complex and delicate aspects of its clients’ activities, including capital raising of all types, as well as support for their international activity throughout the globe.

Antitrust and Competition Law

The area of ??antitrust and competition law is one of the most prominent and developing areas in the legal world, and its impact on the entire commercial life is increasing. In these areas, AK & Co. provides its clients with legal advice on competition, antitrust and regulatory issues, facing both the Antitrust Authority and other regulators and the business sector.

The firm advises on competition in low-competition markets, in the local and international trade and distribution fields. In addition, the firm has experience in advising, representing and obtaining approvals for mergers and acquisitions transactions, cross border transactions and drafting of distribution and acquisition agreements, exclusivity agreements and joint ventures, while ensuring maximal freedom of action within the framework of the law. In addition, the firm assists and accompanies the preparation and assimilation of internal enforcement programs in antitrust, both in commercial companies and in trade unions.

Tenders, Regulation & Compliance

The firm has experience in the fields of tender law, compliance and regulation, and represents the firm’s clients vis-à-vis government ministries, central authorities and international companies.

AK & Co. provides the services of drafting and examining tenders and a range of procurement processes for State, public and municipal bodies, draft procurement procedures and policies for entering into contracts, provide ongoing legal advice to tender participants as well as on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and OECD regulations regarding Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions preparing various internal compliance and enforcement programs, procedures and codes of ethical conduct.