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Agens Oy is a Legal Tech company offering latest digital Legal Tech solutions for B-B customers.

Agens Oy is also a Business Law practice company offering Business Law services to B-B Customers.

Agens Oy is also offering Board and Ceo support services and Legal & Business consulting. More information from:

Agens Oy is a partner in both business law and business development. In addition to law, we also have experience and expertise in commercial business management, management and consulting, and board through a proven background history. Agree with us the best price / quality cooperation package in Finland. Also support for CEO, Board and Board Advisor operations. See section of our service. Explore and compare!

Agens International Legal Tech solutions recognition:
  • Acquisition International Legal Awards 2020
  • Agens Ltd – Most Innovative Contract Services Provider – Finland
  • Global Business Insight awards 2021
  • Agens Ltd – Most Innovative Contract Services Provider – Finland


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