FICM Announces Establishment of ICDT Users Council

FICM Announces Establishment of ICDT Users Council

The Federation of Integrated Conflict Management is pleased to announce the establishment of ICDT Users Council. 

International Commercial Disputes Tribunal (ICDT) Users Council, in short called as “ICDT Users Council ” is one of the key initiatives of FICM towards its commitment for excellence and efficiency in case administration and in strengthening dispute management, prevention and resolution ecosystem around the world.

The “ICDT Users Council” is a membership based sub-division of ICDT and welcomes Individuals and institutions as its members from around the world. The composition and diversity of the ICDT Users Council will shortly spread across 80 jurisdictions around the world covering Asiapacific, Americas, Europe, Africa and Middleeast. 

The function of the ICDT Users Council is two ways. First, to address the global informational, knowledge and resource needs of users of international arbitration, mediation and other dispute services and second, to gain feedback from users of international arbitration, international arbitration practitioners and arbitrators to continually update on FICM Rules and procedures and its services for the benefit of users globally.  

The Users Council members in 80+ countries will further extend FIRM’s global outreach and allow us to engage more closely with current and potential users from diverse legal systems and cultures, which is key to our mission of developing and offering world class dispute resolution services to parties from all over the world.

As FICM continually reviews and updates ICDT Rules & Procedures and its Neutral Appointment & case administration services on the feedback and observations of its users, and others in the field of international arbitration, a revised version of the FICM Rules & Procedures is scheduled for release in mid-2022. 


Membership of ICDT Users Council

Individuals and institutions from around the world are welcome to join the ICDT Users Council.

Although dispute resolution services of FICM – ICDT are available to all contracting parties without any membership requirement, membership of the ICDT Users Council provides a number of distinct benefits detailed in the Members’ Benefits section. 

There are two categories of membership: Individual Membership and Institutional Membership.

Interested parties may apply for membership of the ICDT Users Council by completing our online registration form and submitting the necessary fees to FICM Concierge. 

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