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When seeking legal assistance for patents, it’s key to have a skilled team with the expertise to help protect your intellectual property, provide sophisticated patent services and acquire and protect patent rights anywhere in the world. 

Our Patents Group can assist you with a wide range of services across sectors, including:

  • worldwide patent portfolio strategy planning, analysis and development
  • patentability, infringement, validity and freedom-to-operate opinions
  • patent application preparation and filing
  • cost-reduction and cost-benefit analyses of patent strategies

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Getting People to the Table

One of the hardest parts of many mediation processes is just getting people to agree to participate. As is explained in more detail in the section on Limits to Agreement: Better Alternatives people are unlikely to be willing to negotiate if they think they

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Can Non-Lawyers be the Best Mediators?

By its very nature and judges are sometimes too judgmental because of their educational guide, and lawyers mostly have trouble shedding their role as advocates or they are also conditioned to look at any issies with a legal perspective.

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