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Vanessa Challess

Vanessa Challess


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Vanessa Is the driving force – force being the operative word – behind Tiger Law and its sister businesses Tiger HR and Tiger to Go.

A graduate of the University of Reading and the College of Law, Guildford (BA Hons LLDip), Vanessa has an extensive track record as a highly skilled litigator and contracts specialist. As an SME entrepreneur herself, she has a depth of insight into her clients’ business challenges and the potential legal problems they might unwittingly fall victim to in their quest to grow a sustainable and successful business. That’s something not often found in those who have spent a career in the protected shelter of a traditional law firm and never fended for themselves in the real world a small business owner must navigate daily.

Clients frequently mention Vanessa’s willingness to take the time to both listen and to explain matters clearly to them as well as her realistic and budget-conscious approach. In fact, both businesses are designed around her determination to provide a service that ensures business people can pick up the phone and access advice and guidance sooner rather than later.

And that, friends, is the driver behind Tiger Law’s rock solid Fixed Fee policy. Because, at the end of the day, that is how we make sure our clients are not flying solo in hazardous conditions for fear of running up an outrageous bill.

Apart from this, Vanessa is very funny (as in: “humorous”) which helps a lot with running a houseful of kids as well as two businesses. She enjoys travelling, movies, a glass or two of good wine and her husband Alex. She also speaks fluent Greek.


The College of Law, Guildford, CPE & LPC, 1998 – 2000
University of Reading, BA Hons, Philosophy, ethics, epistemology, 1995 – 1998