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Simon Vumbaca

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Based in Knightsbridge, ASV Law’s values are negotiation, litigation and protection and provides its elite clients with robust, tenacious, and effective representation. Epitomising this dedication and determination is Managing Partner, Simon Vumbaca. Leading this international firm, Mr Vumbaca is far more than just another litigator. Aside from the twenty-five years of outstanding experience handling and resolving highly complex cases, Mr Vumbaca brings a wealth of skill and expertise to every case he litigates. Being dual qualified in England and Spain, as well as being fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, Mr Vumbaca is the perfect litigator to have on your side in complex cross-border cases.

Mr Vumbaca brings a vast knowledge and expertise to the table, including substantial commercial and corporate experience. His clientele is the elite and just as impressive as his resumé, including international royalty, billionaires, business conglomerates, and business people of all statures. Using his extensive knowledge of international law and cross-border litigation, Mr Vumbaca works tirelessly to achieve a positive result for his high profile clients who include owners and organisers of F1 racing events, MotoGP drivers, elite athletes, football agents, governments, and musical legends. Crucially for his clients, discretion and confidentiality is of paramount importance, something Mr Vumbaca understands and maintains to an impeccable standard.

Across his outstanding breadth of knowledge and expertise, Mr Vumbaca focuses on a number of key areas. His multi-jurisdictional experience focuses on transactional law, crisis response, conflict resolution, deal negotiation, sports takeovers and cross investment. Clients receive a great many things with pragmatic and effective strategic advice chief amongst them and always best suited to their business interests. Mr Vumbaca delivers general litigation, injunctions, international arbitration and mediation, brand management and defamation law as part of his exceptional repertoire of services.

Mr Vumbaca carries a great sense of responsibility and actively ‘gives back’ in pro bono work for the Armed Services and is extremely proud to be part of the Armed Services Covenant, specifically working with the Queen’s own guards, The Household Cavalry.

Ultimately, Mr Vumbaca is amongst the most exceptional lawyers not just in the UK, but the world. His expertise and knowledge are matched only by his outstanding application of them, and his professionalism and discretion with clients. A brilliant lawyer.


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