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Samuel Lorente

Samuel Lorente

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Samuel Lorente is the operations director of OBN& and a

lawyer specializing in tax law, tax inspections, tax penalties, tax appeals and claims, tax management procedures, tax collection matters and tax suspensions, and criminal and tax compliance. He is also a founding partner of the tax claims portal and member of the Spanish Bar Association and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors.

Samuel graduated in Law in 2006, after having started his degree in Economics. Subsequently, he competed for a position as a Tax Inspector for 4 years, acquiring a

deep knowledge in Tax Law, especially in contentious matters, which should include tax inspections, economic -administrative claims, contentious-administrative appeals, tax collection matters, and in matters of any tax.

His work at Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios, which is the most important law firm in Spain and Southern Europe, is undoubtedly noteworthy in his professional experience. At Garrigues he worked in the Tax Litigation Department of the Barcelona office, alongside a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated exclusively to Tax Litigation.

Samuel is also dedicated to teaching, firstly collaborating with ESADE University, teaching tax law and procedure and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he continues to teach tax law, both in undergraduate and master’s courses.

Our offices are our clients’ home, and we have been able to democratise the advice that multinationals receive to small and medium-sized clients, and that is very gratifying“.


Successful cases

Tax inspection of a major hotel group
In this case, the service consisted of more than two years of verification dealing with three inspectors, with visits to the company's offices.

Tax inspection of an SME
In this case, the service consisted of an inspection of a company whose partners had an intermediary company to collect their remuneration. The success consisted in the fact that tax simulation, which could give rise to an offence against the public finances, was not applied and regularisation was carried out for related operations.

Appeal in cassation
In this case, the Client was able to recover more than two million in settlements, with the Supreme Court annulling the settlements for reasons of form and substance, and the penalties were also eliminated, as liability had not been sufficiently accredited.

Expenditure verifications
In this case, Samuel has accumulated numerous successes in the area of checks and inspections of expenses of self-employed workers, preventing the administration from settling for these concepts.

Offences against public finances
In this case, the Client managed to avoid a conviction for a crime against the Public Treasury, as the minimum requirements of the Criminal Code and Jurisprudence were not met.