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Ntoh Christian Eugene

Ntoh Christian Eugene

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Committed, rigorous, dynamic, likes to take up professional challenges and assert themselves through a job well done.

Holder of a license in private law, I decided to follow a business course sanctioned by a Master I in Business law which I particularly appreciate. Given my attraction to taxation, I will eventually consider a DESS in taxation provided I give myself time to get there.

In addition, having proven myself in the financial field of insurance, I was able to bow out at the end of an enriching experience relating to risk. Then, having opted for a career as a lawyer, it seemed necessary to me to direct myself to a law firm, where I acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills sanctioned by the “CAPA”, precious sesame allowing me now to obtain the quality of Lawyer at the Cameroon Bar.

Regarding my plans and large-scale projects, the practice of the profession of Lawyer appeals to me every day, especially since I am almost always vibrant with passion for her, however the functions of Legal or Litigation Manager would not displease me within a large-scale company.

My skills :

Contract management

Debt collection

Consulting, Legal advice and Defense

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