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Nguyen Quoc Bao

Nguyen Quoc Bao

Senior Associate

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Profile Overview

Nguyen Quoc Bao obtained his LLB from the HCMC University of Law and is currently in progress of obtaining the LLM from University of Kent in the UK. Bao has more than 4 years of experience in assisting and advising a wide array of foreign investors in doing business in Vietnam at international standards. He is also an active contributor to several online legal journals.

Recent Transactions
Bao’s recent transactions include:
  • Assisted Cognita in an joint-investment transaction with a local developer with respect to a new campus site;
  • Advised and assisted Regency VN in restructuring and divestment with respect to the real estate project in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province;
  • Advised Validus on its contemplated business model and the compliance with the laws of Vietnam;
  • Acted as the representative and assisted a group of individual investors based in Hong Kong in acquiring multiple high-end residential properties in various locations in HCMC; and
  • Assisted an UK-based manufacturing company in negotiation with its suppliers in relation to a dispute on late payment.
Bao is an active contributor to online legal journals / websites on local, regional and international scale. Below are his several notable publications:
  • “Vietnam: Licensing procedures for foreign investors ”, Asian-mena Counsel, January 2018;
  • “Dispute settlement in EUVIPA – A mechanism to outdate the traditional ISDS or the creation of new challenges”, Kien Thuc Phap Ly, March 2020;
  • “Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Vietnam: Brief case study and Commentary”, Kien Thuc Phap Ly, March 2020;
  • “Shares as mortgaged asset: Presumable risks for foreign mortgagee under Vietnamese legal regime”, Law Insider, May 2020;
  • “Acquiring houses in Vietnam: Three legal issues to note”, Law Insider, June 2020;
  • “Negotiation skills: Art of manipulation”, Law Insider, August 2020; and
  • “Notable legal issues of the legal framework governing solar system projects”, Kien Thuc Phap Ly, August 2020.