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A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, which she graduated with honors. From 2009, she was entered on the list of attorneys of the Bar Association in Warsaw.

She gained experience in renowned Warsaw law firms, working since 1999 as a lawyer, and then as a trainee attorney-at-law and advocate.

In the Law Firm, he manages the practices of criminal and penal fiscal proceedings as well as in the field of family and guardianship law.

Małgorzata Bachmat-Baranowska has many years of experience in handling family, criminal and fiscal cases. He also provides legal assistance in matters relating to the division of property and succession. As part of the services provided, he represents clients during negotiations in pre-litigation proceedings, as well as represents clients in court proceedings, and on behalf of the Law Firm’s clients in preparatory proceedings before law enforcement authorities.

Małgorzata Bachmat-Baranowska also provides customer service in English.