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Gvido Senkans

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Everything in the world is changing extremely fast!

How to adapt to these conditions?

How to ensure that mistakes are not made that could be very costly in the future?

What can be done for the company to ensure that it is not exposed to uncontrollable risks in its operations?


  1. You can hire a lawyer. Hiring a separate lawyer will cost at least 2000 EUR / month or more, and it may turn out that one person does not know all the necessary areas. In addition, he can also get sick, go on vacation, etc.
  2. A legal office may be contracted. Usually the pay is per hour, the cost is too high to afford to use on a daily basis, so they are attracted even when there are serious problems or risks. At the same time, it should be understood that the temporary law firm will answer the questions asked of it, but will not see the entire operation of the company.

We offer a new solution that would allow us to optimize legal costs, while being aware of and controlling all the legal risks of the company’s operations.

We offer our clients a contract for legal services. From the beginning, a legal evaluation of the Client’s activities is performed, if necessary, the existing documents are adjusted or new ones are drawn up.

After the completion of this stage, a meeting with the Client takes place, the results are reported, and proposals for further cooperation.

If a long-term legal service agreement is concluded, the company coordinates all legal agreements that are concluded in day-to-day work with the lawyer of our office, who ensures that the company does not take risks uncharacteristic of business, informing the company’s management. or withdraw from the contract in question.

In this way, it is possible to be sure that the company’s legal risks are monitored, and with much less time and effort during the conclusion of contracts, it is possible to eliminate problems that can be very costly in the future.

PS The monthly contract fee depends on the amount of work, in our experience, they are usually from 500 to 1500 EUR / month.


Latvian University, Master's degree Law, 1992 – 1995
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