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Assaf Kriel

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Mr. Kriel has extensive experience in Business Law focusing on international transactions commercial work and he is known for his interdisciplinary understanding of a variety of legal, economic and business issues. He works with both private and public companies and specializes in leading complex Cross Border Business transactions and handling commercial cases requiring extensive legal and economic know-how.

In this framework, Adv. Kriel handles, inter alia, the incorporation of companies, partenrships and non profit organization, Intellectual Property, knowledge transfer and licensing transactions, J.V. and cooperation agreements, agency and distribution, primary and sub contracting agreements, , mergers and acquisitions, drafting of all investment related documents such as: Term Sheets, Share Purchase Agreements (SPA), Investor Rights and Shareholder Agreements (SRA / IRA), voluntary liquidation and corporate rehabilitation as well as providing Compalince and Regulatory services and preparing professional legal opinions.

From 2007 until mid-2012, Adv. Kriel served as a senior attorney in the law firm of Dr. Shlomo Ness – Israel’s leading law firm (DUN’s 100) on corporate recovery, liquidation and debt arrangements. In the framework of my work, he was responsible for legal monitoring and drafting of various agreements and contracts such as: entrepreneurship agreements, establishment of local companies and foreign SPV companies, drafting shareholder agreements and founders, share purchase agreements, financing agreements and guarantees, and has dealt with the formulation of debt decisions dealing with complex legal issues in the laws of contracts, companies and intellectual property, as well as liquidations of companies by shareholders or creditors.
Prior to that, Adv. Kriel served as legal counsel and business development manager at the Eshal Fund (Investments) Ltd. in 2004-2007, which dealt with investments in equity in companies in various technological fields. In addition, Adv. Kriel was an active partner in the formulation of the strategies and procedures and in leading the negotiations with the managements of the target companies, and responsible for carrying out due diligence and examination of the business plans, as well as establishing the Fund’s network of business relations. Furthermore, he was responsible for locating, recruiting and employing Accelerators to advise the Fund on its potential investments.

Between 2000 and 2004, Adv. Kriel served as legal counsel and director of international contracts at Israel Aircarft and Aerospace Industries (IAI). In the course of his work, he provided ongoing legal counsel to the management of the different business divisions and the managers of the various projects, as well as drafting a wide variety of contracts in variety of fields, including in special areas such as: development contracts or technological modification, purchase or sale of sophisticated products or services in a large and complex projects and negotiated with representatives of the largest industrial and aviation companies in the world as well as drafting RFP / RFI documents, strategic and financial teaming / cooperation / joint venture contracts, financing and guarantee agreements, logistics and infrastructure contracts, knowledge transfer and confidentiality (NDA), LOI letters and many others. This has worked extensively with D.O.D’s and various other governmental bodies and authorities both in Israel and abroad.

At the beginning of his career, in 1999-2000, Adv. Kriel served as the legal counsel of M.E.L Medical Enterprises (a subsidiary of Boston Scientific), which developed advanced medical equipment for the treatment of differenet cancers and also served as the Company’s legal affairs officer handling medical devices conformity certifiactions such as: CE MARK, FDA.

Mr. Kriel holds an L.L.B in Business Law from the University of London, UK and an MBA in international management from the College of Management, and is the recipient of the 1998 National Prize for outstanding research work from the Erhard Institute Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University.